Submitted by amro on Thu, 02/08/2018 - 06:03

As per the strategy, we were supposed to have program that manages ICT facilities for immigrants and work labors in camps, and this mission involved 4 processes to maintain the delivery of these ICT facilities. 

The donation, Computer  Refurbishment, Engaging Employers and Training through volunteer management. 

We faced challenges in getting proper records for the assets we are donating and have one clear and accurate path end to end from the day the asset has been today it has been scrapped.

Drupal was a very good tool where I was able to quickly kick start development and start development with information and requirement I gather from users. 

Using technologies like a barcode reader and barcode asset generation I was able to unify the code of the asset with a simpler method for the user to track computers later on.

The store Checkup process has been taken place in the beginning, in order to migrate accurate data.

Implementation has taken around 6 months, where it includes development, user training, and reports development.

Providing IT Facilities for 1.5mln immigrant through refurbishment process for device
Create Software application that can manage different process for the whole project to grantee the integrity of the information among different team members.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Main Technical lead and developer for tracking system build on top of Drupal 7.x to be able to manage the workflow of different processes within the program.
  • Developed strategy, and mechanism for asset management with internal stores and external green club computers supporting us.
  • Developed software project plan required to get the necessary approvals and stakeholder buy-in.
  •  Served as a development manager and technical specialist.
  • Application served by 700+ volunteers and 5 internal roles to manage the site.
  • Defined the main processes and procedure for the whole program to apply ISO.