About me

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Software Engineer combining both business and technology experience gained through several years of work in the area of information and communication technology. Having solid back-end development experience Open-source Technologies with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Cover full-stack development of websites and applications Responsible for the design and implementation of website projects for international accounts. As a Tech Lead I was helping in the WCMS selection process (including setting up user demos), Spearheading the implementation of chosen WCMS (as a liaison if the commercial product is chosen). Continuing to develop and build the WCMS as new functionality is needed and to provide recommendations to build the technology arm of the web department as needed. Oversee other software decisions, implementing the Clinical Management Maintenance system for the big sector in the Egyptian ministry of health for 42 hospitals all over Egypt.

Currently doing master degree in computer science - Major AI using open-source technologies, Such as LAMP Stack (Drupal and Php) and currently combining Python as the secondary main language for web development, Data Science, AI Algorithms, and Machine Learning using a library like Pandas, NumPy, KERAS, TensorFlow, and now working with Django and Flask Framework for python, working on containers such (Docker, Kubernetes) to build modernized scalable application.


2003-2007 Ain Shams University/Egypt Bachelor of Computer Science, Information System

2013-2014 RITI Advanced Management Program Diploma


Technical Consultant & Software Engineer

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Duties and Responsibilities
  • Software Engineer under the Digital Society Department within the ministry to guide and lead web portals.
  • ┬áParticipate in technical requirement analysis and produce required SRS based on RFP and Design thinking workshop
  • Technical advisor for undersecretary ministry for confidential projects within the country in terms of technical scope management and leadership capabilities required for building IT Team.
  • Develop business requirement in a form of mock-ups and get approval from the department manager.
  • Follow National Information Assurance Policy (

Founder, CEO and CTO

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Duties and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the main company software application and Responsible for putting the IT Vision of the company.
  • Drive the new technologies on board, analyzing projects from the business and technical prospective and negotiating with clients in terms of budget, Support and technical staff.
  • Writing technical and financial proposal and applying for local and international tenders.
  • Ensuring that budgets are adhered to and deadlines met, drawing up a testing schedule for the complete system.
  • Co-founded organization to develop clinical management solut

Team Leader/ Sr. Developer

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Duties and Responsibilities
  • Analyzing clients' existing systems.
  • Translating client requirements into highly specified project briefs.
  • Identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability.
  • Drawing up specific proposals for modified or replacement systems.
  • Writing user manuals and providing training to users of a new system.
  • keeping up to date with technical and industry developments.
  • Doing R&D in building Cloud Business Application that serve Corporates and enterprises using OpenStack and Shell sc