Founder, CEO and CTO

Submitted by amro on Sat, 02/08/2020 - 12:02
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the main company software application and Responsible for putting the IT Vision of the company.
  • Drive the new technologies on board, analyzing projects from the business and technical prospective and negotiating with clients in terms of budget, Support and technical staff.
  • Writing technical and financial proposal and applying for local and international tenders.
  • Ensuring that budgets are adhered to and deadlines met, drawing up a testing schedule for the complete system.
  • Co-founded organization to develop clinical management solution on top of application across Egypt.
  • Edited the software application to fit different industries not only biomedical to include Hotels, Oil and gas, and Maintenance companies.
  • Achieved OpenCIS first software in Egypt specialized in the area of biomedical engineering inside hospitals and medical.
  • Developed Trackmed application to unify medical equipment name and standardize the ISO code required among hospitals in Egypt.
  • Product manager of OpenCIS and detail the requirement and vision for the team to reach number of clients required and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Developing company roadmap for technology to be used.
  • Gathering business and technical requirements from clients and produce SRS document.
  • Develop web applications using Drupal and Laravel under LAMP Stack (Linux/Apache/Mysql Php).
  • Create ERD and design architecture document for multi-tier applications.
  • Conduct testing and Ensure that UAT is done properly to deliver the system requirement as per timeline.
  • Analyze client existing systems and advice in the best practices after Gap analysis.
  • System integration between Desktop and web app and other existing system in the client environment.
  • Server configurations and Creation of shell scripts under Linux OS for database backup, load balancing and other services.
  • Develop user documentation and training materials and conduct training and developed solutions.
  • Bug fixing and make sure product is maintained very well in custom environment.