Submitted by amro on Sat, 02/08/2020 - 15:23

The goal of this project is to: Provide learning resources and activities to be used by the student in the form of:

  • Animation.
  • Videos.
  • Quiz.
  • Infographic

Scope of this project:

  • 2000+ Teacher.
  •  400+ Schools.
  •  340 Activities.
  •  120 Learning Resource.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Technical lead (led team vendor of 2 developers, 1 business analyst, and 1 designer).
  • Developed high-level architecture and requirements for the whole portal.
  • Wrote modules code and make the first version of the front end.
  • Adhere to the accessibility requirement for the application.
  • Fix vulnerabilities assessment outcomes after penetration testing.
  • Define the required infrastructure and technology stack for deployment
  • Manage the staging environment and deliver the required code for the production team.
  • Coordinate communication with other ministries benefit from the system.
  • Quality Assurance for Training provided to the school.
  • Lead and develop the website and integrate technologies CMS, Linux OS, Php, jQuery, JavaScript, Html, CSS, Ajax, MySQL, Faceted Search.